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Brother B. T. Jones
About Me

This is my 1st recording project. With God's Blessing, I will be making many more recordings in the future.

When I'm not singing I enjoy:

* Fishing --- large mouth bass, crappie, trout, bluegills

* Hunting --- duck and deer

* Watching Sports --- football (Falcons), baseball (Braves), and wrestling (Goldberg)

I have been singing for many years, but I've made no effort to record until recently. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ who gave me this talent to help him capture souls through my ministry of songs.

I began singing with a band when I was in high school. From that time - I felt that I was destined to sing! I started my own band called "B.T. and the Rocketeers", in which I played until I joined the navy. After joining the navy I continued to sing and play in various bands. I later connected with the late, great Johnnie "Guitar" Watson and sang with him for a few years in Los Angeles, California.

Then, I made one of the biggest and best decisions of my life. I was not happiest in a professional singing career - I was happiest raising my family! So I returned to Atlanta, Georgia to be with my family. During the following years of returning to Atlanta - I sang at several personal engagements upon request.

Now, I sing whenever and whenever the spirit moves me. I am very active in my church choir and I sing at various churches in my area. I thank the Lord that I am able to spread his word with much joy between singing in churches, at weddings, birthday gatherings, anniversary parties, and other special events.